Custom Football Schedule Magnets Printing

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A custom sports schedule magnet is a magnet that showcases your schedule for the season. This is a great giveaway item for partners, attendees, students, and anyone who wants to remember the time and place of all your games for that season. Custom schedule magnets can also display other information like your business logo, business contact information, or any details you want your audience to know.

This marketing tool is perfect for universities, clubs, little leagues, real estate agents, and local businesses. If you're looking for a creative way to connect with your audience and keep them in the know about the dates of the games - this is the perfect option. With this marketing tool, you can build brand recognition in your community without "overselling" your business.

If you want to invest in custom football schedule magnets, remember that the price will vary depending on size and quantity. The average cost for 250 of our Sports Schedule Magnets is $516. However, the cost for 500 is $768. When purchasing custom schedule magnets for your brand, consider buying in bulk to lock in the best possible price while leaving a favorable impression on your audience.

At Print Pronto, we have over five different sizes for your project. However, our most popular size for custom football schedule magnets is 3.5" x 8.5" or 5.5" x 11.5". These sizes are large enough to include the schedule for your team of choice and any of your company's contact information you want to add.

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