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Unleash Creativity with Our Premium Paper Stickers

Key Features

Experience Durability and Quality

Craft your message and make it stick with our high-quality paper stickers. Designed for those who appreciate a professional finish and enduring quality, our stickers are not just another item— they're an extension of your brand and passion. Made from top-tier paper material, each sticker is precision-cut, ensuring that every edge is sharp and every design pops. Smart and sleek, our paper stickers are built to last, accompanying your products or projects with undiminished lustre.

Tailored to Your Unique Style

Why settle for off-the-rack when you can tailor to your heart's content? For the imaginative minds of small business owners and craft enthusiasts, every detail counts. Our paper stickers come in a panorama of shapes and sizes, ready to be customised to align with your vision. Got an intricate logo or a delicate design? We handle it with the care it deserves, translating your ideas into adhesive masterpieces.

Thinking Green

We believe that beauty shouldn't be a burden on the planet. Our paper stickers signal a nod to sustainability, crafted from recyclable materials and bonded with non-toxic adhesives. This approach instils confidence in environmentally-conscious customers who desire products with a lower carbon footprint. Brand, beautify, and broadcast your message, all while being an ally to Mother Nature.

Versatile and Vibrant for Every Occasion

Our diverse range speaks volumes—we cater to the unique demands of a variety of audiences, from vigilant vendors to jubilant jamboree throwers. With customisable options at your fingertips, our stickers adapt to your specific occasion, ensuring that your mark is made boldly and brightly. Forget about standard; with our paper stickers, "one-of-a-kind" is our standard.

Make Your Mark with Confidence

Choose our paper stickers, where strength meets style and eco-awareness walks hand-in-hand with eye-catching designs. Chart your course in branding, crafting, celebrating, or organising, and stick to success with finesse.

Order now and transform your canvas with stickers that tell your story, your way.


How durable are the paper stickers?

Our paper stickers are designed for indoor use only and are fairly durable under normal conditions. While they can withstand handling and light wear, they are not as resistant as vinyl stickers to water or heavy abrasion.

Do the stickers leave residue when removed?

Typically, our paper stickers do not leave a significant residue when carefully removed from most surfaces. However, the surface's condition and the length of time the sticker has been in place can affect residue left.

Can the stickers be used outdoors?

Our paper stickers are primarily intended for indoor use. If you need stickers that can withstand outdoor elements like rain, sunlight, and higher temperatures, we recommend our weatherproof vinyl stickers.

Are the stickers writable with pens?

Yes, our matte paper stickers can be written on with ballpoint pens and permanent markers. However, we advise allowing any ink used on the stickers to dry fully to prevent smudging.

What is the recommended application method?

To apply, clean the surface where the sticker will be placed, ensuring it is dry and free from oil or dirt. Peel the sticker and align it with the surface, pressing down from one edge and smoothing out any bubbles as you go.

What sizes and shapes are available?

We offer a variety of sizes and shapes for our paper stickers, from standard rectangles and circles to custom shapes. 

Do you offer custom printing for stickers?

Absolutely! We can provide custom printing for your stickers. Upload your design, choose your custom size and shape, and we can print it for high-quality, personalised paper stickers.

Can the stickers be reused?

Paper stickers are generally not reusable; once they've been applied and removed, they lose a significant amount of their adhesive quality. For reusable stickers, consider static clings or certain types of removable vinyl.

What options are available for printing colours?

We offer full-colour printing, so you can include as many colours in your design as you'd like.

What type of file should I provide for my artwork?

We accept most types of file formats, including AI, PSD, PDF, and high-resolution PNG or JPEG images.

Is artwork approval required before production?

Yes, we will send you a digital proof of your sticker design that must be approved before we begin the production phase to ensure your stickers will look exactly how you want them.

Are there different finishing options for the stickers?

Yes, we provide stickers on rolls and on sheets. The choice between rolls and sheets can be determined by how you plan to use or dispense your stickers.

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