Custom Car and Truck Magnet Printing

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Looking for a fun, innovative way to get your brand noticed in your community? Want to get more eyes on a promotion you're running for a particular month? Maybe, you're looking for a temporary way to brand your employee's cars when making deliveries. Custom door magnets provide a large canvas for big ideas. So you can get more eyes on your brand and leave a lasting impression in and around your community.

A car door magnet is a magnet that's designed to be placed on your driver or passenger car door. They are typically much larger than a standard magnet and have a stronger magnet to ensure they stay in place when you're driving on the freeway or around your community. At Print Pronto, all our custom car door magnets are also made with durable, UV-resistant material, so you can feel confident knowing your design won't fade or get sun damaged throughout the day.

The price of a branded car door magnet depends on size and quantity. If you want to order one custom car door magnet, you can expect to pay anywhere from $31 to $116, depending on the size.

The standard size of a custom car door magnet is 12" x 12". This size fits most car doors and can easily be viewed from a distance. When ordering a branded car door magnet, you'll want to be mindful of the car door size and how intricate your design is. It's always best to keep things simple and to use dark, bold colors. This will ensure your logo gets seen from far away.

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