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Transform Your Floors into Advertisement Platforms with Custom Floor Decals

In today's bustling market, standing out is not just a goal—it's a necessity. That's where our Floor Decals take centre stage, offering a dynamic and innovative solution to capture customer attention where it counts—right under their feet.

Key Features 

Elevate Your Brand with Customisable Designs

Your brand deserves to shine, and what better way than with fully customisable Floor Decals? Whether you're setting the scene at an elegant boutique or pushing promotions in a packed retail space, our decals are designed to fit your unique brand identity or promotional message. With endless custom design options, shape your customers' experiences as soon as they step through your door.

Durability That Lasts

Designed with durability in mind, our Floor Decals are crafted from a highly durable, slip-resistant material. This means they can withstand heavy foot traffic and remain vibrant and intact. They're engineered for longevity, whether placed in the high-energy environment of a sporting facility or the bustling halls of a busy healthcare centre.

Hassle-Free Application

Worried about a complicated application process? Our decals are as easy to apply as they are to remove. Bid farewell to surface damage and sticky residues. Created for convenience, they'll smoothly adhere to your floor space, leaving no trace behind once removed.

Indoors or Out, They Stand Out

Why limit your decals' potential? Our versatile Floor Decals are fit for any setting—indoor malls, outdoor festivals, it doesn't matter. We've designed them to be just as effective under the sun as they are under your store's shimmering lights.

Safety Meets Sustainability

Pivoting towards eco-friendly solutions is not just about protecting the environment—it's about offering safe, non-toxic choices for your customers. Our Floor Decals are no exception. Safe for all floor types, these eco-conscious wonders provide visual cues for social distancing and wayfinding, without compromising the earth or well-being.

Visual Storytelling with Vibrant Colours

Our high-quality printing process ensures your messages pop with vibrant, fade-resistant colours. They're eye-catching, ensuring your promotional content or wayfinding instructions aren't just seen—they're remembered.

Cost-Effective and Commanding Attention

Economical can still be impactful. With these high-visibility decals, you're investing in an advertising solution that gets noticed. Ideal for temporary campaigns or for stylishly branding your space without a hefty price tag.

Versatile Across Industries

From directing patrons in chic cafes with featured specials to igniting school spirit in universities with bold logos, our Floor Decals demonstrate their versatility. Healthcare facilities adopt them for critical safety messages, while retailers captivate with promotions quite literally at their customers' feet.

Putting Your Space to Work

Consider the possibilities:

  • Retail Spaces: Guide your customers to the latest deals and featured products.
  • Events: Showcase brand presence or provide seamless navigational help.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Encourage safe practices with clear, ground-level messaging.
  • Education: Direct foot traffic or display pride in your institution.
  • Corporate Offices: Blend branding with motivational cues for a driven workforce.
  • Hospitality: Efficiently inform customers about seating or special offers.
  • Public Transport: Maintain orderly queues and offer essential information.

The Ideal Tool for Every Promoter

Our primary audience includes retailers, event planners, healthcare administrators, and educators who wish to employ a unique yet effective communication channel. Each decal is a step towards enhanced customer experience, boosted safety, and amplified marketing messages.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a fresh, powerful way to communicate, our Floor Decals are your answer. Durable, versatile, and strikingly designed, they redefine what it means to "watch your step." Ready to make every inch of your space count? Try our Floor Decals today and step into a world where the floor is more than just ground—it's your canvas.


What surfaces can floor decals be applied to? 

Floor decals can be applied to a variety of surfaces including but not limited to tile, hardwood, laminate, sealed concrete, and certain types of carpet. It's important that the surface is clean, smooth, and dry before application to ensure optimal adhesion.

How long do floor decals last? 

The longevity of a floor decal depends on the foot traffic and the material used. Typically, our floor decals last anywhere from 3 to 12 months. We offer different materials suited for short-term events or long-term use.

Are floor decals removable? Can they leave residue? 

Yes, our floor decals are designed to be removable. While they are durable and designed to stick well during use, they can be peeled off without leaving a sticky residue in most cases. However, we recommend following the provided removal instructions carefully.

Can floor decals be customised in size and shape? 

Absolutely! We offer custom sizes and shapes to fit your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a specific logo shape or need to cover a unique area, we can accommodate your requirements.

Are floor decals slip-resistant? 

Safety is a top priority for us. Our floor decals are printed on slip-resistant material and are laminated with a non-slip surface to ensure safety and compliance with industry standards.

How do I prepare the surface before applying a floor decal? 

Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of any dust or debris. For best results, clean the area with a mild detergent and allow it to dry completely before application. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents as they may affect the decal's adhesion.

Can floor decals be used outdoors? 

Yes, we offer specific floor decals designed for outdoor use. These are made with more durable materials to withstand elements like rain, sunlight, and temperature variations. Please specify that you need an outdoor decal when placing your order.

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