Custom Fabric and Cloth Banner Printing

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Our cloth and fabric banners are designed with high-quality, wrinkle-resistant material, making them great for many different use cases. Some of the most popular use cases are event displays, product banner displays, POP displayers, and banners.

All our cloth and fabric banner printing is done on 6.8 oz. polyester fabric, so you can feel confident that they can be used for years to come. They are also easy to store, so you can bring them while on the road or traveling to events.

Yes, cloth and fabric banners can be used indoors and outdoors. If you plan on using the cloth banner outside, you'll want to ensure it's not too windy of an area.

The grommets are designed to keep your banner in place, but if they aren't secured correctly, the fabric banner can fly away, or the wind might distort the logo.

The average cost varies based on size and quantity. A single high-quality fabric banner can vary from $30 to $403.

Fabric banner sizes vary. When you're looking for a cloth or fabric banner to add your logo to you'll want to consider the purpose and goals.

For example, if you plan to hang the fabric banner outside on a gate or a building, you'll want to go with a 5' x 3' or bigger. This ensures your logo is eligible, and people can see it from afar. If you want to hang a fabric banner like a flag on a pole, consider a smaller size, like 2' x 4'.

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