Custom Standard Business Card Printing

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Standard Business Cards: The Professional Touch Your Brand Deserves

In the world of business, first impressions are pivotal. In that crucial moment when you hand someone your business card, you’re not just providing contact information — you're also making a statement about your brand. Our Standard Business Cards are designed to ensure that statement is both memorable and impactful.

Key Features

High-Quality Cardstock for Lasting Impressions

Crafted with durability in mind, our business cards are printed on premium, high-grade cardstock that not only feels substantial in the hand but is also built to withstand the rigours of everyday handling, avoiding wear and tear. This attention to quality means that your card stays pristine, just like your reputation.

Optimal Sizing and Custom Dimensions

Our standard size of 89 x 51 mm honours the time-tested tradition of business card design; however, we believe in personalisation. To cater to your unique brand, we offer customisable dimensions that break the mould and allow you to stand out.

Full-Colour Printing for Vivid Communication

Utilising the latest in full-colour printing technology, our cards present your designs in their most vivid form. We ensure the colours of your logo and graphics are as bright and as true-to-life as possible, capturing the essence of your brand's aesthetic.

Single or Double-Sided Printing Options

Maximise your message with options for both single or double-sided printing. Whether it's a succinct design focusing on clean typography or an expansive layout incorporating detailed graphics, we provide the canvas for your brand’s story.

Customisation at its Core

Every detail of your business card is customisable — from the striking logo that represents your brand's ethos to the carefully chosen words that convey your message. The freedom to customise is the freedom to inspire.

Matte or Glossy Finish – The Choice is Yours

Our finishing options cater to diverse preferences. A matte finish imparts an understated, classic elegance suitable for any corporate encounter. Glossy, on the other hand, adds a vibrant, light-catching sheen that grabs attention. Both are designed to complement your brand’s unique personality.

Designed for The Business Elite

Our Standard Business Cards serve a wide spectrum of professionals, from the crisp clarity suited to a corporate executive to the creative flair of a cutting-edge designer. We understand that every industry has its heartbeat, and we translate that pulse into a piece of communication that you can be proud to share.

Efficient Production, Expedient Delivery

We know the essence of business is efficiency, which is why we've streamlined our production and shipping processes. We ensure that not only is your product of the highest quality but that it's also in your hands exactly when you need it. No fuss, no waiting, just service you can trust.

Product Specifications

  • Cardstock: High-quality, durable cardstock with a professional finish
  • Sizes: Standard  89 x 51 mm and custom dimensions available
  • Printing: Full-colour options for single or double-sided designs
  • Customisation: Logo, graphics, and text, fully customisable to your brand
  • Finish: Choose between a classy matte or a sleek glossy finish
  • Production & Shipping: Fast turnaround with prompt delivery

Our Standard Business Cards offer the tangible embodiment of your brand's promise. The combination of premium materials, cutting-edge printing techniques, customisable features, and efficient delivery makes our business cards an indispensable tool for any professional poised for success. Elevate your networking game; leave a mark with every handshake.

Ready to transform your abstract brand identity into tangible success? Order your bespoke Standard Business Cards today and experience the distinction of unmatched quality meeting unparalleled service.


What paper quality options are available for standard business cards?

Our standard business cards are printed on high-quality, durable cardstock with a professional finish. We offer both matte and glossy finishes to match your brand's aesthetic.

Can I print on both sides of the business card?

Yes, we offer full-colour printing options for both single and double-sided designs. This flexibility allows you to maximise the space on your business card for essential information or branding elements.

How can I customise my business cards?

You can fully customise your business cards with your logo, graphics, and text. We provide design assistance if needed, to ensure your business cards reflect your brand's identity perfectly.

What are the standard dimensions for business cards? Can I request custom sizes?

Our standard business card size is  89 x 51 mm. However, we understand that some businesses may have unique needs, so we also offer custom dimensions upon request.

How long does production and shipping take?

We pride ourselves on our efficient production and expedient delivery. While turnaround times can vary based on order specifics, we always aim to have your business cards in your hands as quickly as possible.

Is there a minimum order quantity for business cards?

Yes, there is a minimum order requirement, but it is designed to be attainable for businesses of all sizes. Please contact our team for more details about the minimum order quantities.

How do I place an order for standard business cards?

Placing an order is easy! Simply visit our website, choose your preferred specifications, upload your design, and complete the checkout process. If you need any assistance, our service team is more than happy to help.

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